The Wilmington News Journal

The Wilmington News Journal is the Delaware statewide publication put forward by the Gannett franchise.  It has consistently been a bastion of left wing propaganda, poor reporting and hit pieces on anyone with a clue.  Now, after decades of them destroying the character of decent people to pursue the progressive agenda, we will begin to expose their editorial and reporting staff.

Here is a map detailing the home addresses of the News Journal Editorial and Reporting staff.  This is not a complete list and it will be updated over time.  Check it out and see if one of them lives near you.

Editor in Chief – David Ledford
Contact Info:
2231 Brackenville Rd
Hockessin, DE 19707

David has a home in the 1% district of Delaware.  His estate sits back off Brackenville Rd and backs to the sprawling lands around Mt. Cuba.  Ledford is a registered Independent but his writings belie his true leftist affiliations.  Furthermore, the man is incompetent.  In Delaware, a bastion of Progressivism, Ledford has succeeded at making the only statewide print media source, a mere shadow of its former self in terms of readership.  You would think that people would be clamoring for their utopian viewpoints but sadly, even Delaware progressives have abandoned the rag and now that Gannett is forcing (The News Journal’s online copy) to charge subscription fees, their internet readership has tanked as well.  Last year, the paper underwent a massive reshuffling of staff with many long timers being let go or reassigned to other parts of the country.

Local News Editor – Phil Freedman
Contact Info:
522 Smedley Ave
Media, PA 19063

You might be asking yourself, “Why is the LOCAL NEWS editor at the Delaware news paper a resident of Pennsylvania?”  Well, the answer is…because this is a Gannett publication and no one cares about Delaware.  Now I know that many staff members like Phil and I’m sure he’s a nice guy but come on, isn’t there SOMEONE who actually lives in Delaware who can be the local news editor?

Opinion Editor – John Sweeney
Contact Info:
13 York Rd
Wilmington, DE 19803

John Sweeney is about as far left as they come and his pieces on behalf of the News Journal’s editorial staff are really an embarrassment to any paper that prides itself on any level of independent thought.  Of course, the News Journal only half feigns any sort of impartiality at any point and most of the time all but admits that it is practically the communications team for the Delaware Democrat Party.  In fact, the Delaware Democrat Party headquarters is literally  500 feet from the front door of the News Journal headquarters.


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