We exist to expose the bias, lies and propaganda that Gannett newspapers across America spew daily to unsuspecting citizens.  They poison the minds of otherwise intelligent and thoughtful people by pretending to print fact, by playing on peoples fears and by encouraging the infringement of government on the rights of the people.  Now, this site has been established to hold these people accountable for their actions.

If you would like to contribute to this exposing of your local Gannett owned rag, click here, find your local affiliate and then let us know about the worst offenders.  If you want to create a map to let others know who in their area is part of the propaganda group, we’ll link it.  Send your information to exposegannett@gmail.com.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Our gannett rag is conservative and in Wisconsin. It’s so cute you think you know how Gannett is run. Half of their papers lean conservative moron. If you have an issue with an editorial you should contact the local publisher.

    Funny how you have no problems outing other people’s info while hiding anonymously. You’re worse scum than the newspaper editors who allowed that gun owner piece.

    • Left/Right…if it’s not the TRUTH, it’s a lie and everyone is fair game. Furthermore, we love the anonymous comment complaining about the anonymous blog…but yes, unfortunately, because Gannett has billions to spend on courtrooms and lawyers and we, well, don’t…we have to remain anonymous.

      At any rate, our problem is not with just a single “editorial”, but with the abuse of power that Gannett and their affiliates have committed continuously time, after time, after time. It’s time that Gannett and their affiliates understand what it is they do to the average citizen when they print maps of their homes. It’s time that Gannett and their affiliates understand that WE THE PEOPLE are watching them. WE know who they are and we will not let them get away with their antics any longer. WE want the truth.

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