Al Mascitti – WDEL talk radio host 9AM-Noon – Former employee of the Delaware News Journal

Al Mascitti – WDEL talk radio host 9AM-Noon  – Former employee of the Delaware News Journal

He wants you to give up your guns too.
Call him and tell him what you think
about that idea.

Wife: Valarie Helmbreck Mascitti (Formerly a reporter at the News Journal who was embroiled in a scandal with CBS’ Ben Wright back in 1995.)  Looks like some of you might have contacted her before…she seems like a sweet lady, we’re not sure how she ended up with a guy like Al.  In 2005, she joined Progressive Business Publications and became an editor.

8 Nathalie Dr
Hockessin, DE 19707-1146
Home (302) 239-2624

Looks like they attend Christ’s Church in Wilmington. They have 3 kids it seems, we found Alexis at the same address but no others. So why Al? Well, Al is buddies with fellow morning Delaware blabbermouth host Dan Gaffney who recently set the nation ablaze with tales of racism in Delaware’s public school system, which of course turned out to be nonsense but led to some pretty damaging things being said across the nation. So, we got the tip, posted the address of the individual in question and you responded. Apparently quite a bit. Dan contacted us this morning, we actually edited his story and we were prepared to leave it be. Then, we received a contact from Al Mascitti. We had no idea who the guy was but we saw and decided to look him up. That’s when we found out that not only did AL work for Gannett and the News Journal but his wife did as well. Turns out that Mascitti found a home as the morning progressive screaming, blabbering idiot. He was yelling at us for expecting Dan to have a bit of decency and responsibility for his irresponsible actions. So we did a little homework. There’s nothing wrong with being a lefty, some people are, that’s ok. But Al and his wife both are also former reporters at the News Journal and we hear that Al is one of those WILD screamers…like Ed Schultz only less relevant.


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