John Cook – Gawker – Hack Journalist

John Cook –

Wife: Allison Benedikt (Employment: Previous: The Village Voice Film Editor) (she now does some work for Slate) –

2 kids with 1 on the way

son – born in 2008 (4 yrs old)

Married on October 25th 2003 in San Francisco (courthouse wedding)

Oh look, a tell all from Mrs Benedikt.

Home (718) 369-8243

528 16th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215-5912
Map It!

So, Mr. Cook decided to post the names of ALL the gun owners in NYC.  Thinks he’s cute.  He thinks he’s funny, and inventive, and edgy and interesting.  He lives in Brooklyn folks.  I wonder if it might be fun and inventive to, oh I don’t know; give his home a little jingle?  I’m sure you can come up with something clever to tell him, or his wife.  I’m sure they’d love to hear from you in their cozy little town home just a block away from Prospect Park where I am sure Allison takes the kids quite often.

Before you get all upset about this “poor guy”…remember, he has a pretty awful past history of bullying.  Now, instead of two teenage girls and some minorities, Cook graduated to taking a swing at the star QB…same prick move, different target…this time, the target’s hitting back.

Just to be clear, I know that Gawker is up in arms over some supposed threats and the numerous phone calls they are receiving.  They say “we are receiving this treatment over information that was already public.”  TECHNICALLY, they are right, the information is public but that doesn’t tell the whole story.  See, the information isn’t freely posted.  A person seeking this public information has to file a Freedom of Information Act request.  When they do that, they fill out their name, address, phone number, and other personal information which then itself becomes public information and criminals are notoriously unwilling to draw that kind of attention to themselves.  So, what Gawker has done is to remove that firewall.  Where individuals were protected from criminals by the FOIA laws that made their information available, after the paper and then the shock website Gawker posted their information, there is nothing stopping criminals from gaining access to the info undetected.

We don’t expect Gawker to be remorseful, they are after all, the bottom of the journalistic barrel.  They repeatedly print the most ridiculous slop that the National Enquirer and The World Wide News have rejected.


32 thoughts on “John Cook – Gawker – Hack Journalist

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  2. $5000 a month in child-care? An a one-bathroom apartment? (This per Ms. Benedikt’s “tell-all” link). How great it is to be a socialist in Brooklyn!

    • Look, she’s not an idiot. She probably pays some desperate illegal alien about a fifth of that and uses the big number for her tax return and conversations with people other than the sitter.

  3. Every newyork resident who doesn’t own a gun and whose house gets broken into
    or gets mugged in the next couple of months should thank him with a lawsuit.

  4. Thank you for the info. This is starting to spread like wild fire and hey i bet he doesn’t have a gun! I would not want to be this guy or his family at this point but if you go looking for a fight you will probably find one.

  5. would you really terrorize a child? I would die to protect a child. Even the child of a maggot like that. If two wrongs don’t make a right, then a wrong and a hell of a wrong absolutely don’t make a right.

  6. That list has put a lot of very innocent people in harms way – criminals go after those that offer the least resistance and are easy prey, knowing that they are not able to protect themselves or their loved ones.

    While the list is available & accessible due to “freedom of information act” – this was extremely un-ethical! In the end, more harm then good has been accomplished.

  7. Thanks for the information. It appears their phone inbox is now full, what a shame. It’s very brave of a man with shriveled balls to live in a building with no doorman. One has to wonder why he would put his wife and kids at risk for the sake of his ego but if I understood this, I would probably understand libiots in general and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    One small nit-picky point, if I may. They didn’t have a courthouse wedding. They were actually married at The Harvest Inn in St. Helena, Napa Valley. I know the place well. It’s quite lovely. Rooms run from $350 to $500 a night and they have armed, private security guards on the premises.

    • This part was very telling;
      “I felt deeply insecure about my manhood. I wasn’t being beaten at home. I got beaten up a few times in the parking lot after school. My dick is not huge. I thought it would give me fame and notoriety. I was very intimidated, and desperately wanted to feel big.”

      Still has most of the same issues but then he’s still only halfway through the maturation process he put off for so long. Look forward to another “What an Asshole I Used to Be” story from him in about 15-20 years. It should be the best one.

  8. Thanks for the info!! I’ve shared your link with all my friends on Facebook. Isnt social media a wonder place!! I’m sure so called hack journalist curse the day Al Gore ” invented” the Internet!! Hahahaha

  9. Yes, it’s good to know all you can know about people like this:

    WEDDINGS/CELEBRATIONS; Allison Benedikt, John Cook
    Published: October 26, 2003

    Allison Lee Benedikt, a daughter of Myra and William Benedikt of Youngstown, Ohio, was married yesterday to John Joseph Cook, a son of Alexandra Warhol of Alexandria, Va., and Joseph T. Cook of Corona del Mar, Calif. Associate Justice Kathryn M. Werdegar, of the California Supreme Court in San Francisco, officiated at the Harvest Inn in St. Helena, Calif.

    The bride, 26, and bridegroom, 30, work at The Chicago Tribune, where she is a features editor and he is a reporter, covering television.

    Ms. Benedikt, who is keeping her name, graduated from the University of Michigan. Her father is the general manager of the Youngstown branch of BakeMark, a company that distributes baking ingredients and supplies. Her mother is a computer programmer in Youngstown and was until June the president of the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation.

    Mr. Cook graduated from the University of Wisconsin. His mother is the vice president for federal affairs in the Washington office of UnumProvident, an insurance company. His father, who is retired, was a partner in the Irvine, Calif., office of Speiser Krause, a New York law firm.

  10. Here is more of what Johnny wrote that he did as a youth:
    “So we drank vodka and Kool-Aid at Dustin’s apartment and painted the sidewalks of Alexandria bright red with our vomit. We broke into the apartment complex next to Steve’s house and launched bottle-rockets down the long, straight hallways. Armed with a BB gun, we shot at moving cars like snipers from the roof of my house, running like mad when the drivers pulled over.”
    That is in the last link above. Johhny is a gun felon who was never caught. This confession in writing should be used to convict him.

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  12. What a POS.
    But why expect anything else from a liberal. The only rights they are concerned with are their own.
    Sleep tight dirtbag

    • This ought to be an easy place for a burglar to visit. I hope people start camping in front of his house until he is forced to move. I hope he is followed to and from work everyday and his family is escorted to every destination by people that are fed up with these bully tactics.

  13. Bring it on. I’m not going to threaten and curse you out; but as a gun owner from Washington state I find your attack on legal owners reprehensible. I understand you believe me to be a knuckledragging neanderthal but I will tell you this. I have a degree in communication from the Edward R Murrow school of communication WSU. While I consider myself moderate and open to many things we may agree on; I will not back down on this topic. You deserve any and all blowback you receive on this one. Good luck. We will not back up or back down and we are armed.

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  15. John Cook you can go puiss off! You know what? You convinced me that I should go and buy a gun and I’m going to! All because of YOU so thank you, you weak minded, pencil necked, needle dick, bug banging dork!

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