Dan Gaffney – Radio Talk Show Host – Delaware

Dan M Gaffney

Home (302) 424-7596

307 S Walnut St
Milford, DE 19963-1959

Dan is a morning talk radio host on 105.9FM in Lewes, DE.  The station spawned when Gaffney led a defection of so-called “conservatives” from another southern Delaware station WGMD.  Gaffney threw his lot in with Delmarva Broadcasting which is to radio “journalism” what the News Journal is to print…which is to say, a joke and little more than a propaganda arm for the progressive movement.  Hosts like Gaffney downstate and Rick Jensen up north are little more than shills for progressive ideas and if nothing else, they portray conservatives as dimwitted in their inability to adequately deflect the progressive ideas tossed about by the Delaware elites.  Jensen and Gaffney (while Gaffney was still with WGMD) got a few minutes of international fame when they took turns ambushing former U.S. Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell with gotcha questions and then making a big deal out of a few seconds of soundbites for the better part of a year.  Most recently, Gaffney inflamed racial tensions when he accused the Milford Public School system of “racism” over poorly worded signs at state schools.  Even though no Hispanic had complained (despite a rather large and vocal Hispanic and minority rights lobby in the state), Gaffney felt that it was important enough to inflame tensions by accusing the schools of being racist.  What was on the signs that were so bad?  In Spanish, the signs read, “You must have a permit to play on the field.  Violators will be subject to police action.”  As a result of his little ruse and the subsequent firestorm in the media (which has gained him some national fame now), Milford Schools received calls from across the country including death threats and threats to harm “white children”.  Gaffney’s inconsiderate and unthoughtful attack placed innocent children in danger from radicals.  Now, Mr. Gaffney’s information is public record.

Originally from Ohio, he lives in Milford with his wife Becky.  Susan and Dylan Gaffney (their son) also reside in Milford with him.  Feel free to give him a call at (302) 424-7596 and let him know what you think about his irresponsible actions.


Mr Gaffney maintains his innocence in the case.  Well, in a letter to us he says that his posts were seized from his personal Facebook wall by the Daily KOS and published along with his photo without permission.  He blames the Daily KOS blogger “Delaware Dem” for the issue going viral.  Our sources say that Gaffney was all too happy to seize on the publicity and is now in full-fledged panic and damage control mode thanks to many calls and emails.  He also informed us that the map that was published was incorrect (it has been removed) but the address remains correct.  Gaffney also says that he has confirmed with Milford School District staff that the originally reported threats have stopped after the removal of the signs.  Gaffney asserts that the local district staff and police deny reports of any threats but our sources still insist that some threats were received at the school named in numerous articles that grew from the incident.  Whether the school reported it or if the subsequent nationwide backlash has caused the authorities to no longer report the threats is a matter of contention.  Gaffney asserts that he meant no harm by the original Facebook posting.  Finally, Gaffney says that he is not a “journalist” but rather a talk show host.  We believe that he has a responsibility to his listeners to be responsible in how he handles incidents like this.  We believe that there should be no further contacts of the Gaffney residence based on his response but we remain dedicated to ensuring that individuals who have exercised questionable judgement in media are held to account and will be leaving this post active.  We hope that Mr. Gaffney has learned a valuable lesson.


6 thoughts on “Dan Gaffney – Radio Talk Show Host – Delaware

  1. It is irresponsible to accuse Gaffney of being with gannett. He is a die hard conservative Christian and yes can piss people off. But he is in no way associated with Gannett. He has backed conservative causes for the 20 plus years I have known him. He constnatly complains on air about the strong liberal bias shown by the Gannett papers.
    As to bushwacking ODonnel, he is as well known for bushwacking any politician who comes on the radio. He is a radio host after all.

    • Our cause has branched out due to the requests and information on journalists of all types, to include not only Gannett but any so-called journalist who crosses the line. Dan Gaffney is a weasel. Maybe all local (and some national) talk radio hosts are weasels, maybe a select few, but the fact is that this issue should have been addressed differently. As a talk radio host with some degree of clout, you would expect him to take this issue up privately and directly with the local schools, instead, the clown posts the picture on Facebook and sensationalized it to make a national news story our of nothing.

      Ask yourself this, would a “Christian” go off half cocked and post things like this online, accusing the local school system of racism and fear mongering before approaching the District directly? Why would someone do that? We believe that it’s for ratings purposes. Perhaps you ought to ask yourself if this Dan Gaffney character is just out to be heard…or perhaps Mr. Gaffney just made a mistake and needs to atone for it. Either way, there are consequences for journalists who go beyond the pale. Certainly, Gannett as an entity, is a leader in the shoddy journalism arena but there are others as well who will be held accountable.

  2. Would a Christian smear people anonymously? You want Dan Gaffney to look into the situation before posting it on Facebook — an absurd contention considering that the signs are obviously in public places — yet you did the exact same thing, attacking him without talking to him first.

    Would a Christian be such a public hypocrite?

    • Who ever said that we were Christians?

      Absurd to expect someone with massive influence to use some common sense?

      We looked into you Al…former Gannett employee…married to another former Gannett employee with a potentially checkered past…nice little pad…Episcopalian huh? Sweet…so the Bible can be whatever you want it to be…have your cake (you’ve had more than your fair share pal…) and eat it too huh?

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