Is this site going “too far”?

Since this site was launched a week ago, thousands of people have flocked here to contribute to our cause or to find information.  Today, a blog about the news business featured us on the national stage and asked, “Are executives minor kids fair game?”  Basically, have we gone too far?

There was a time when I would have actually said yes.  However, the Journal News and by extension, Gannett, the global corporation whose tentacles reach into every state in America and who exercise a degree of control over the general tenor of journalism in America, put thousands of legal, law abiding, innocent citizens and their families at risk, over the fact that they happen to own a gun.  In addition, I believe that when you look at the facts, you will see that what we have done here, is NOTHING compared to what the Journal News did to NY gun owners.

Point of Evidence #1 – Our information was obtained publicly without requesting information from governments or background organizations.  We started, with the websites of the papers themselves.  We gathered basic information and then we used the phone book and looked them up.  We used Google Maps and Zillow and we posted much the same information as the Journal News did.  We found public Facebook accounts and LinkedIn accounts through a simple Google search.  Any name that was not conclusive, was not posted and if a name and address are found not to match, we’ll remove them with apologies.  Turn about is fair play.  We got our inspiration from the local blogger in the Journal News affected area who had the guts to push back against the local media masters.  The Journal News?  They turned to the government and got information that was at least sort of protected.  Is the information “public”?  Sure, but you have to request that information and to my knowledge, the individual whose information is then given, must be notified that their records were pulled and usually, who pulled it must be disclosed as well.  What the Journal News did, was take away that safety measure for gun owners.  And in the process, it’s placed thousands of legal, registered and responsible gun owners, at risk from any number of sources, including anti-gun nut jobs who have been known to picket the homes of private citizens.

Point of Evidence #2 – Our information is based on their own words.  That’s right, we went to their bios, the information that they provided, to be shared with the world.  Check it out here.  While the Journal News, through it’s opinionated piece, portrayed legal gun owners as potential murderers (when in fact, the VAST majority of gun crimes are committed with ILLEGAL guns not legally owned ones) and used government information to “out” them, our page simply uses the information they provided.  And in case you don’t think that this information is a big deal, correctional inmates are now using the information from the Journal News story to target the prison guards and their families.

Point of Evidence #3 – The Journal News not only endangered gun owners but also their neighbors.  Our information and our maps target Gannett employees.  Their neighbors and other community residents are under no “threat” as a result of our work.  However, the Journal News and Gannett cannot say the same thing.  They have placed law abiding, private citizens at risk by publishing gun owners names and by extension, putting targets on the houses not mapped.  See, in New York, you MUST register your firearms.  Now, criminals know who HAS guns and more importantly, who DOESN’T have guns.  NOW, they know which homes are “safe” to target and which pose a threat.

Point of Evidence #4 – We’re anonymous out of necessity, not desire.  A lot has been made out of our anonymous status.  We can understand that but unfortunately, we must remain anonymous.  Why?  Well, Gannett has a lot of money and their executives who live in million dollar mansions are also well off.  We, can’t compete.  We don’t have the resources to answer their legal assault.  We’re just average Joe’s like most of you.  So we remain anonymous so that we can expose the truth without interruption.  Everyone knows, these days, that “equal justice” is rare in the U.S. and that money talks and the truth…well that depends on whether the person with the most money is telling the story or not.  We’d love to tell you who we are, but we can’t…yet.

So in closing, did we go to far?  Well, each of you will have to make that decision on your own.  We believe that what we have done and what we will continue to do is legitimate and we can sleep at night.  See, the point of this blog, is that so-called “journalists” have abused their power of the pen.  They’ve been driven by agendas (mostly from the left), they’ve printed false, inaccurate and in some cases dangerously ignorant information without consequence.  They protect themselves and their sources with thinly veiled walls of journalism and millions in corporate money.  Journalists have joined politicians and bureaucrats among the elites in our society and they’ve used the power to keep the populous misinformed and in conflict with one another.  No more.  Now, journalists will be expected to hold themselves to the same standards as others.  There are plenty of citizens with blogs doing as good (and in most cases better) a job putting forth worthy information for readers.  Many would love the opportunity to replace the current crop of propagandists with people willing to tell the truth, even when it conflicts with their big money advertisers interests or the personal beliefs of the editors and executives.

It’s time for the truth.  We’ll hold you to it.


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