Delaware Page Added

Our friends over in Delaware have provided us with some information about the Delaware Gannett publication, “The Wilmington News Journal”.  Apparently, that rag has skipped the entire premise of being impartial and embraced the idea of propaganda piece.  the one plus appears to be that readership online and in print is down drastically from what it once was so perhaps fewer people are being assailed by the editors and reporters.


One thought on “Delaware Page Added

  1. What you have said about Gannett”s Delaware Cat Box Liner is quite true. My friends and I have been referring to it as The Urinal for years. The only news paper (as far as I know) that dedicated their whole Sunday Opinion Section to convince their readers that they are objective and then followed it up the next day with an editorial praising some recently deceased African Communist Dictator. That example of arrogance and sophistry at the Urinal took place a few years ago and was the final straw for me.

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